Dynamic Aqua Flusher


Compact, lightweight, multi functional flusher with adjustable pressure and long lasting battery.



Multi functional flusher designed for everyday oral flushing, as well as cleaning out diastema impactions

  • Light weight, compact battery powered flusher.
  • Comes with an attached heavy duty, non return, filtered inlet pipe that drops into a clean bucket of water.
  • 6 metre detachable/retractable coiled outlet hose.
  • Dial water pressure control of up to 150 PSI.

Comes supplied with x3 different wand fittings that attach to the on/off trigger handle:

  • Short Diastema Wand: Designed to clean and flush diastema between incisor batteries
  • NOW with Two Way Wand: Designed to flush the mouth out of any debris, prior to performing examination and treatment
  • Long Diastema Wand: Designed to clean and flush diastemas during extraction and cleaning out deep periodontal pockets.

A great bit of equipment suitable for multi purposes. Inbuilt long lasting rechargeable battery and NEW fast charger unit supplied


Learn how to operate your Dynamic Dental Aqua Flusher from Ryan Testerman, with USA Dynamic below.

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