DIASTEMA Aqua Flusher Lances and Wands




DIASTEMA Aqua Flusher Wands and lances.

Compatible with current and previous model of Dynamic Aqua Flusher

  • Flushing lance available with clever two way angled spray design to deliver water onto to upper and lower arcades simultaneously, flushing food deposits towards the front of the mouth.
  • K file lance with water jet available for cleaning out diastemata thoroughly, flushing out and debriding pulps and infundibula to remove necrotic material.
  • Low profile lance with 90 degree water jet with rounded head and 1mm hole for easy placement in tight areas of the mouth especially caudally. Excellent for use with miniatures and horses or ponies with tight mouths.

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Low-Profile, K-File, 90 Degree, 2-Way, Incisor


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