Dynamic FULL HD Intra Oral Camera Gen 3


NEW LOW PROFILE DESIGN! Available with or without the WiFI Dongle. Great quality at an affordable price.

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Strong and durable Intra Oral camera operated with three simple buttons.

Available with or without WiFi Dongle. Battery with dongle transmits to your WiFi device. Can be used with Windows, Android and Apple devices* Clamp available for attaching camera to a Speculum. Ingress Protection (IP53) dust and waterproof marked. Hard case included with camera.


  • Use wired to a laptop or via WiFi dongle
  • Can be used with Windows, Android and Apple devices*
  • Brighter image allows viewing inside deep sockets. Image flip / reverse function.
  • Wider camera view angle.
  • Competitively priced with a robust case.
  • Auto focusing.
  • Lightweight.


  • Improved 112 degree camera angle.
  • One quarter High-Definition Macro Lens with 20-40mm depth of field Automatic focusing.
  • USB 2.0 output.
  • 2m length cable (extension cable 0.7m also supplied).
  • JPEG, PICS & MP4 Video image formats.
  • CMOS image sensor.
  • 1280 x 720 pixels wired and 1280 x 960 pixels (wireless) image resolution 30 frames per second (FPS).
  • 16:9 wired and 4:3 wireless aspect ratio.
  • Touch key image capture.
  • 10 white LEDs 5500K (lifetime 10000 hours).
  • Silver grey colour alloy body.
  • L:55cm; W:2.8cm; H:3cm dimensions. Weight 345g

*Windows and Android via wired and dongle connection. Apple devices via dongle only.

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With WiFi Dongle, Without WiFi

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